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For more information download the User Guide.
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Extension Projects

Please download any of the extension projects below to fully utilize the potential of the Exchanger XML Editor.

A typical extension project consists of:

  • Schemas for Tag-completion and Validation
  • Scenarios to Transform and Visualise your xml
  • Templates to quickly create new documents
  • Example files

*Please see below for more information on the specific extension projects.


What is this?


TEI P4 (Lite) The TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) is an international research effort established in 1987, intended to produce a community-based standard for encoding and interchange of texts. For more information please visit (208KB)
or TEI-P4-v10.tar.gz (153KB)
J2EE Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), is a standard architecture to define and support a multitiered programming model where thin-client applications invoke business logic that executes on an application server. For more information please visit (51.8KB)
or J2EE-v10.tar.gz (34.6KB)

If you would like to see an extension project not currently on this list please let us know.

Installation Instructions

To install the extension project unzip the '${project-name}.zip' file for windows users or untar/gzip the '${project-name}.tar.gz' file for Unix/Linux users to a preferred directory.

Now import the 'project.xngr' file in the Exchanger XML Editor by selecting the 'Project' -> 'Import Project ...' menu item and select the 'project.xngr' file.

TEI-P4 Further Information

This archive contains 2 example TEI documents, 2 types to use for tag-completion and validation, 2 templates for creating new TEI documents and 2 scenarios to publish TEI documents as HTML.

- exercise.xml
- gentleintro.xml

These documents are installed in the TEI P4 project.

- TEI P4.template + TEI.xml
- TEI P4 Lite.template + TEI Lite.xml

Default templates to be used when creating new TEI documents.

- TEI P4 HTML.scenario + xsl/

This scenario creates index.htm in the document source directory by default.

- TEI P4 HTML Slides.scenario + xsl/

This scenario creates index-slides0.htm in the document source directory by default.

- TEI P4.type + dtd/
- TEI P4 Lite.type + dtd/

Are installed as types which can be used to validate and for tag-completion of TEI documents.

J2EE Further Information

This archive contains validation and tag-completion DTDs, templates and types for the following specifications:

- Connector 1.0 Deployment Descriptor
- EJB 2.0 Deployment Descriptor
- J2EE 1.3 Apllication Client Deployment Descriptor
- J2EE 1.3 Apllication Deployment Descriptor
- JSP 1.2 Tag Library Descriptor
- Servlet 2.3 Deployment Descriptor