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The Exchanger XML Editor runs on all platforms:
Mac OS X
Any Unix Platform
Other Java Enabled Platforms

Further Information
For more information download the User Guide.
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  User Guide (US) (3.4MB)
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The Exchanger XML Editor comes equiped with a host of features:

Schema Viewer, Outliner and Editor Views
XSLT Debugger
RelaxNG, XML Schema, DTD and NRL based Validation
RelaxNG, XML Schema and DTD based Tag Completion
Schema to Schema and XML to Schema Conversion
XSLT, XSLFO and XQuery Transformations
Authoring Aids
Development Aids
DTD Editing, Syntax Highlighting and Tag Completion
Web Services, WSDL and SOAP
XML Security, XML Signature and Canonicalization
SVG Viewing and Conversion
Opening and Saving Remote Documents
Project Options
XPath and Regular Expression Searches
Other Functionality


There are 5 different views to assist the developer create and edit XML content:
Editor: Text editing of tags and content, with tag prompting, highlighting and content folding. screenshot
Grid: For viewing and editing XML while shielding the user from the complexities of the actual mark-up. screenshot
Viewer: Browse/navigate XML in a tree view. screenshot
Outliner: Tag-free editing. screenshot
Schema: Browse/navigate XML Schemas in a tree view. screenshot
There are also 3 panes on the left of the screen to help, navigate and manage:
Projects: Manage project information and open project files. screenshot
Navigator: Navigate and filter the document structure. screenshot
Helper: Show current Element information and add new child elements and attributes. screenshot

XSLT Debugger

Debug your XSLT Transformations standalone or from within the editor: screenshot
Processors: Full support for Saxon 6.5.3 (XSLT 1.*) and Saxon 8.4 (XSLT 2.0) and Xalan.  
Scenarios: Maintain setup state across editing and debugging sessions.  
Usual Features: Step Into, Step Over, Step Out, Run to Breakpoint.  
Multiple Stacks: Template, Input, Output and Mixed stacks.  
Multiple Traces: Style, Input, Output and Mixed traces.  
Output Redirection: Saxon users can redirect output files (<xsl:document>) to the screen.  
Link Back: All stack and trace results can be linked back to their source.  


Validate your XML Documents with your favorite schema language:
XML Schema: Full support, using the latest "2001" version of the official W3C standard.  
RelaxNG: Both the XML and the Compact version are fully supported.  
DTD: Full support.  
NRL: Full support.  
Additional: Validate your RelaxNG, DTD, and XML Schema documents with the built-in validators.  

Tag Completion

Easily create XML, add new child Elements and Attributes based on external grammars:
XML Schema: Full support.  
RelaxNG: Both the XML and the Compact version are fully supported.  
DTD: Full support.  
Multiple Grammars: Use multiple grammars for tag-completion.  


Convert your schema or XML document. :
RelaxNG: Convert your RelaxNG document to a DTD or XML Schema.  
DTD: Convert your DTD document to a RelaxNG or XML Schema.  
XML Instance: Infer a schema (either RelaxNG, DTD or XML Schema) from your XML instance data.  


Transform your XML Documents into...
XSLT: Full support for XSL Transformations using Xalan and Saxon (both included).  
XSL:FO: Create PDF or PostScript documents from your XML source.  
XQuery: Support for XQuery 1.0, XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 using Saxon 8.1.1.  
Scenarios: Use scenarios to manage your transformations.  
Database: Simple Database access using Saxon XSLT 2.0 extensions.  
Variables: Create variable output locations using: ${path}/${file}.${ext}.  

Authoring Aids

Simplify XML editing by:
Formatting: Pretty-print XML content.  
Content-Folding: Hide non relevant element information.  
Highlighting: Highlight elements and attributes with different namespace prefixes.  
Syntax Highlighting: Easily distinguish between elements, attributes, text and comments.  
Context-Sensitive Prompting: Pick from a list of available attribute, element and entity names.  
Tag: Quickly surround selected text with a tag.  
Block Indentation: Indent/Unindent a block of XML.  
Select Element (Content): Select the current element or current element contentg.  
Comment/Un-Comment: Comment or Un-Comment a selection.  
CDATA/Un-CDATA: CDATA or intelligently Un-CDATA a selection.  
Goto Start-Tag or End-Tag: Goto the current element's start or end tag.  
Split Element: Split the current element at the cursor position.  
Convert characters to entities: Convert the current selected Characters to Entities.  
Convert entities to characters: Convert the current selected Entities to Characters.  
Insert special character/entity: Insert a special character or entity.  
Lock: tags and attributes.  

Development Aids

Simplify XML Development by:
XML Declaration: Set the XML Declaration, including encoding and standalone information.  
DOCTYPE Declaration: Set the DOCTYPE Declaration using a simple dialog.  
Schema Location: Set the Schema Location, fill in the namespace and schemaLocation attribute.  
Resolve XIncludes: Resolve XIncludes, supports the 2003 namespace.  

DTD Editing

Easily create, validate and edit DTDs:
Code Completion    
Syntax Highlighting    
Automatic Indentation    

Web Services

Sending and Receiving XML using SOAP and WSDL: screenshot
SOAP: Easy SOAP invocations.  
SOAP with attachments: Full support for SOAP with Attachements.  
WSDL Analyzer: WSDL Analyzer with automatic SOAP message generation.  

XML Security

XML Signatures and Canonicalization:
Canonicalization: Exclusive and Inclusive Canonicalization.  
Sign: Sign XML Documents using enveloped and detached XML Signatures.  
Verify: Verify XML Documents signed with XML Signatures.  

SVG Viewing and Conversion

Scalable Vector Graphics:
View SVG: View SVG with the built in SVG Viewer.  
Convert SVG: Convert SVG images to PNG, JPEG or TIFF.  

Remote Documents

Accessing XML over the internet:
WebDAV: Open and Save Documents using the WebDAV protocol.  
FTP: Open and Save Documents using the FTP protocol.  
HTTP(S): Open Documents using the HTTP(S) protocol.  
Proxy: Full Proxy Support .  


Store XML Documents in a Project:
Batch: Batch Validation  
Search: Regular Expression Search within Project.  
Folders: Virtual Folders  


Search in a document by:
Simple: Simple search.  
Regular Expression: Regular Expression search.  
XPath: XPath search.  
Namespace Prefix Mappings: Namespace Prefix Mappings for XPath searches .  

Other Functionality

Other Functionality:
Multiple Encodings.    
Document Templates.    
XML Catalogs.    
Look and feel: Multiple Look and Feels, including the native Mac OS X Aqua Look and Feel