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The Exchanger XML Editor runs on all platforms:
Mac OS X
Any Unix Platform
Other Java Enabled Platforms

Further Information
For more information download the User Guide.
  User Guide (A4) (3.4MB)
  User Guide (US) (3.4MB)
  What's New (833KB)

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XML Menu

Check well-formedness Checks the active document for well-formedness and reports any errors in the message window at the bottom of the application.
Validate Validates the active document, if a validation grammar is available and reports any errors in the message window at the bottom of the application.

Set Properties... Set the location for the Validation grammar, Tag Completion grammar and the Schema to be used in the Outliner and Schema Viewer.

Strip Text... Remove the text content (and possibly attribute values) from the whole document or a subset specified by an XPath filter.
Change Case Change the case of tags, including capitalization, decapitalization, uppercasing and lowercasing.
Namespaces Refactor namespaces in the current document, including moving all declarations to the root element, moving declarations to where they are first used, removing unused namespace declarations and renaming namspace prefixes.
Nodes Refactor nodes in the current document, adding, deleting and renaming elements and attributes, changing elements to attributes and vice versa, sorting elements and adding namespace prefixes to elements and attributes. Target the refactoring to a subset of the document using an XPath filter.

Set XML Declaration... To set the encoding for a new file or to change the encoding for an existing file.
Set DOCTYPE Declaration... To create or modify a document type declaration.
Set Schema Location... To add or modify a schema location.

Resolve XIncludes Exchanger XML Editor provides support for XIncludes, as implemented by the Xerces parser.