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The Exchanger XML Editor runs on all platforms:
Mac OS X
Any Unix Platform
Other Java Enabled Platforms

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Keys Preferences

Keys Preferences

Figure 104. Keys Preferences

Use the Active Configuration drop-down to choose between the default key bindings and the emacs bindings. The preceeding section contains tables of the shortcuts available under each configuration. Note that the default configuration changes on the Macintosh to use the Command key in preference to the Ctrl key.

To create new shortcuts or to modify existing ones in the Active Configuration, use the Command section on the Keys Preferences tab. Browse through the complete list of Exchanger XML functions in the drop-down, conveniently grouped by function, and view a brief description and the current shortcut, if any. To create a new shortcut or to modify and existing one, press Edit and enter the New Key Sequence.

For example, to create a shortcut for the Preferences dialog, set the Name to File: Preferences and press Edit. In the New Key Sequence field, press the Ctrl key and the P key simultaneously to create the Ctrl+P shortcut and then press OK. The Duplicate Key Assignment dialog will appear to warn you that the Ctrl+P sequence is already in use. Choose not to override the current assignment and instead choose Ctrl+Shift+P and press OK. Now when you want to quickly change preferences in the editor, simply press Ctrl+Shift+P and the Preferences dialog will appear.

To remove an exisiting shortcut, choose the command from the drop-down list and press the Delete button.